Pure Waters

Pure Waters est un objet du Steam Workshop de Skyrim créé par Laast.

Créateur : Laast
Description :


Révision 7 – 23 Sep 2012
– Less saturation for some waters colors.
– Marsh water improved.
– Less foggy underwater in sea and lakes.

This is a pure, clean, and natural water, as it should be in the cold mountains of Skyrim. This mod provides water with complete overhaul:

– Colors enhancement: natural, wild and various water colors.
– Realistic transparency: big shorelines improvement.
– Various streams: each type of water area has its own texture and flow effect.
– Reflections improvement: no more too-glassy waters.
– Underwater redone: a bit more realistic underwater.

Textures are in 1024×1024 uncompressed (2x vanilla resolution, without compression). No FPS drop. This mod does not modify worldspace and cells, so no conflicts or CTD guaranteed. Skyrim 1.5 Ready. It is compatible with everything (any other mod including HD textures pack from Bethesda) except others water mods.

Optional Files:

If you are a Dawnguard user, you can download and install my Add-on for DG . You can also download and install my optional landscape textures for water areas and rain ripples effects.

In any case, go to my Nexus page: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/1111/
and follow instruction.


I will try my best to help users playing with my mod but PLEASE read the following before asking some help:

1/ This mod is a simple textures replacers, it CAN NOT crash your game! After 100+ hours playing with my mod, I ve NEVER crashed. If you have CTD, blame another mod, or your computer, but not water textures…

2/ If you come from RWT or W.A.T.E.R, be sure to DELETE manually every textures and meshes from them! I can’t guarantee that Pure Waters will work normaly if you don’t do that before installing it.

3/ I strongly recommend to use BOSS to manage your load order. Purewaters.esp should be at the bottom of your load order.

4/ It was reported by some users that Beth patch 1.5 underwater conflicts with ENB series. The result is you can not see anything under water.

5/ flickering water is a visual bug appearing when you use a 120hz monitor. Decrease your refresh rate to 60hz in Windows and restart the game. No more flickering ;)

6/ Pure Waters should be compatible with everything (except other water mods of course). I’ve noticed problems with some weather / lighting mods (like URWL). In this case, load Pure Waters AFTER this mod (if you load it before, my mod will not appear and you will have Vanilla water).

« Climates of Tamriel » WILL destroy soft shorelines and transparency effects of Pure Waters (I’m in talk with COT author to make his next version compatible). Other lighting mods may destroy it as well, I’ve not tested them all. Sadly I can’t make a specific version for each weather mods…

– Advice: enable anisotropic filter x16 in your nvidia or ATI control panel (replace ingame settings).
– I play Skyrim with max settings (in 1080p without AA).
– I m not using any ENB or FXAA filter.
– Some graphics mod used in my screens:
. No tint and desaturation (Lighting mod)
. SkyROCKS (my own rocks and mountains textures)
. Encryptions DOF (depth of field)
. Lush grass & skyrim flora overhaul
. Some landscape HD retextures (don’t remember the name sorry…)
All these mods are available at skyrim nexus, and maybe at the steam workshop.

Thx everyone for the support and 5 stars rating! I’m glad you like my -hard- work!

Also available on Nexus: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/1111

L’objet sur le Steam Workshop : Pure Waters
Aperçu vidéo de l’objet :
Images de l’objet :


Une réflexion au sujet de « Pure Waters »

  1. opino72 Auteur de l’article

    J’adore ce mod de ouf! Il est trop énorme! Je le conseille à tout le monde! Prenez-le! En plus il ne peut pas faire crasher : c’est juste un remplacement de textures! (C’est très bien expliqué dans la description)


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