IVAN’s Ultimate Playerhouse

IVAN’s Ultimate Playerhouse est un objet du Steam Workshop de Skyrim créé par IVAN.

Créateur : IVAN
Description :

This modification adds a new house to Skyrim. It is located south of Riverwood (it has a mapmarker that should be visible on the beginning of the game) lock at the pictures to see exactly where it is..
It is named Riverwood Cabin and the house contains alchemy and entchanting table and a wonderful garden with the nearly all plants of Skyrim and a training area with a basic steel armor and weapon set. There are also 2 skillbooks, soul gems and a bed of course.
It is the ideal Cabin for beginners or even more experienced players.
Other mods:
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L’objet sur le Steam Workshop : IVAN’s Ultimate Playerhouse
Images de l’objet :

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